Young Voices February 2013

(Scroll down for some video clips)

Sam's report on the day:

With a mixture of nerves and excitement we slowly boarded the bus which would take us on our adventure to Sheffield Arena. We waved furiously at the lorries when they passed and Rio and Ben crazily danced Gangnam style!

As we arrived, we spied the Arena standing proudly in the distance, both Miss Digby and Mrs P. were really excited, they were chattering away like monkeys.

We parked up with loads of different buses, all parked up in columns. We slowly walked through the grey doors of the Arena the lighting inside was as blue as twilight. We then started to rehearse the Young Voices choir’s songs.

At 7 o'clock the concert started. The lights dimmed and the keyring torches of the Young Voices choir were the night sky. The Arena erupted! The sound was deafening. The excited children were whistling, cheering and screaming like banshees. The parents were clapping with joy. The best bit was when Randolph Mattews bashed out his beat box bounce!

By 9pm it was all over. Wearily we moved out of the now calm Arena. I was exhausted but sad because it had finished.